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The Legal Guidance You Need To Navigate Tax Law

Taxes are certainly something we want to get right on the very first attempt. Otherwise, the consequences could be severe.

If you are struggling with matters related to tax law, you may need the experienced assistance of a tax lawyer. You do not need to be a big corporation or business to hire a tax attorney, and we are ready to help you at VB Tax & Trust.

Attorney Kevin VandenBroeke and his team help individuals and businesses in California navigate through complex – and often intimidating – tax matters. We can assist you in various situations, whether it is your first time filing a 1040 or W-4 form or you are having more complex issues involving criminal accusations.

Helping You Relieve The Stress From Your Tax Matters

We are a full-service tax law firm in Chino Hills with a legal team that develops highly personalized and sophisticated solutions for clients. From the most common tax concerns to the challenges that new disruptive technologies bring, our priority is to identify and address our customers’ legal and tax needs.

Our portfolio of services include:

  • Tax resolution services: If you received a notice from the IRS about a balance due or improperly filed taxes, we can help you respond. We can also help you get into a payment plan if you are in arrears with your payments to bring you up to date again.
  • Legal assistance in tax audits: We can help you gather all the required information for your audit. We also assist you in sensitive matters, such as eggshell audits, which are part of criminal tax investigations.
  • Guidance to cryptocurrency investors: This new financial resource is a challenge to the legal and tax systems. We provide crypto investors with tax advice to make the most of their investments: trading/mining income, planning what coins to sell and other services.
  • Tax planning services: We help business owners with business formations and learn about their tax regimes. We also advise owners on asset selling and capital gains planning, to mention a few.
  • Tax matters involved in divorce procedures: We provide legal assistance and verification of tax reports in divorce procedures involving income tax issues, determine that taxes were property filed, valuate marital assets and property and perform other services.
  • Tax matters at the international level: We provide legal assistance in both international and domestic tax issues. We assist our clients in all matters related to Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR).

We know that tax law can be highly technical and complicated, but we will guide you every step of the way. Our focus is to make tax law understandable for you and help you fill out those tax forms. You are not alone.

Learn How We Can Help You

From our first meeting, we will evaluate your case and discuss how we can help you. Call 909-414-3378 or reach us online to schedule your consultation. We can meet in person or virtually.