Sound Legal Advice In All Issues Related To Taxes And Divorce

Divorce procedures involve highly emotional and difficult decisions that will define the life and future of the parties involved. As in every aspect of our lives involving income, there are also tax issues to take care of.

VB Tax & Trust, is a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals led by attorney Kevin VandenBroeke. We work to protect our client’s best interests through the division of marital assets and related income tax issues.

We know this is a hard time, which is why we will help you with the paperwork while protecting your rights before the IRS.

Clarity In Your Taxes Under Highly Dynamic Circumstances

Divorce also involves the separation of taxes, if filed jointly, the valuation of assets and whether you or your future ex-spouse will receive alimony, and next steps from a tax perspective. However, finalizing the relevant procedures may take time, which also carries implications in terms of short- and long-term taxes.

At VB Tax & Trust, we assist our clients with the tax matters through divorce procedures and will:

  • Explain your situation and verify your tax reports and ensure the accuracy of your income tax reports
  • File taxes according to your current status, whether legally separated or still not officially divorced
  • Handle taxes according to child custody such as when to apply for or claim the child tax credit
  • Guide you through valuation and taxes related to marital assets such as the marital home or vacation home
  • Help you through all issues relevant to retirement funds and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) from a tax perspective

We will also assist you in handling your estate plan. Additionally, if you suspect that your ex-spouse might be engaged in tax criminal activity, we are ready to protect you. We will see your case through in California.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Rights And Interests

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