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Dependable And Knowledgeable Legal Assistance Through Tax Audits

If you or a loved one received notification of audit from the IRS, you need to be prepared. However, your preparation should go beyond arranging your paperwork. You deserve to know what to expect from the process, what it looks like and learn your rights.

At VB Tax & Trust in Chino Hills, we can help you navigate this challenging and complex review process. Tax audits are an extremely technical process that can be intimidating. Any mistake could extend the audit and result in the need to provide further evidence.

How Can A Tax Attorney Help You?

Attorney Kevin VandenBroeke and team will thoroughly explain the requirements to fulfill an audit and how to substantiate the information submitted to the IRS. Our goal is to help you understand the requirements to be met. We stand ready to address your concerns, answer your questions, and help you fill out and gather the required information.

Tax Audits And Criminal Investigation

The IRS may have reasons to believe that an individual submitted false tax returns or has committed fraud and will further investigate to confirm the findings. As expected, an individual subject to a criminal audit – also known as an eggshell audit – does not receive written notification as they would with a regular audit.

Some of the signs of a criminal investigation include:

  • The IRS agent in charge of your audit stops contacting you
  • Your bank notifies you that Criminal Investigation (CI) by the IRS requested your bank records
  • An IRS CI agent contacts you to ask for further information about your tax return

Under the above circumstances, you need the assistance of a tax attorney. Tax crimes could lead to jail time and steep fines. Do not risk your rights, your freedom and your future. Call us to start working on your case.

Let Us Guide You Through Your Audit

Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation. Discuss your concerns with us and focus on the potential solutions for your situation. We can also help you with tax resolution issues. Call 909-414-3378 or send us an email today. We are proud to serve our California clients.